Abused Trexler horses ready for foster care

Good news for the 45 abused and neglected horses seized from Hazelene, James and Terry Trexler's farm.

Several of the animals can go into foster care starting net week. Dr. Michael Privett has been caring for the horses at his Hopkins farm ever since.

He says, "The group in general has taken well to feeding and that's been the first step." There is one mare who still has intestinal probelms and is being kept alive with fluids. The Humane Society is footing the $20,000 bill for Privett's care.

Kelly Graham of the Humane Society says, "This will continue until the criminal trial is over and we get these animals in our possession and able to adopt them out. So until then, they are our responsibility to keep up and cared for."

The Humane Society is sponsoring a fundraiser to help defray those costs. The Mane Event takes place Friday, April 25 at The Millstone at Adams Pond. Single tickets are $75 and it's $60 for two or more tickets. Those who attend will enjoy live bluegrass entertainment, dinner and a silent auction.