Accused drive-by shooter becomes target

CAMDEN (WACH) -- Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews is fighting to stop a group of criminals terrorizing a Camden neighborhood.

Tuesday night investigators say 25 year old Terrance Harrell fired at least nine shots at a house on Kings Avenue.

Police say one of those bullets hit a man in the leg.

"These guys are dangerous. This is drugs. Drugs are behind the violence in our community as well as the property crimes," says Sheriff Jim Matthews.

After leaving the scene police say Harrell went to his girlfriend TMs house across town.

Officials say some people from the Kings Avenue incident followed Harrell to Shepard Acres and started shooting.

No one was hurt there but the suspects got away.

People I talked with in the area say they're not surprised by this type of violence because they see it everyday.

Those folks didn't want to identify themselves because they were concerned for their safety.

Sheriff Matthews says this area needs more police presence.

"But I TMm also going to direct some of my assets to that neighborhood so that we can put some pressure on these guys who are terrorizing the neighborhood," says Sheriff Matthews.

The sheriff also says an old burned house in the area is not only an eyesore but a breeding ground for trouble.

"It was burned down a couple of years ago and its still sitting there. It TMs kind of a magnet for criminal activity. A lot of people congregate around it and I think it needs to be torn down," says Sheriff Matthews.

As for Harrell he faces several charges including attempted murder.

He was denied bond lateThursday afternoon.