Adopted son meets biological mother after 30 years

Mother's Day came a few days early for one South Carolina man.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)-- Mother's Day came a few days early for a South Carolina man and his mother.

Spencer Williams waited 30 years to meet his biological mother. The Pickens man was just five months old when his mother was forced to give him up for adoption in Alaska.

The Army veteran posted a note on when he turned 18, but never heard anything until earlier this year.

"Twelve years later, I am on my way back to Afghanistan," Williams said. "I get a phone call at the Atlanta airport. It was my mom telling me my birth mom had found me."

The two talked online for two months. Williams returned from Afghanistan three weeks ago. Thursday's face-to-face reunion was long overdue and full of tears.

Spencer's mother,; 48-year-old-Janice Lobaugh, said she also used Google and, but had little luck until she found the adopted mother's name and gave her a call.

"I never thought I would find him because all of my avenues were dead ends," Lobaugh said. "And then when I found him, it was like 'Oh my God.'"

Lobaugh, a Real Estate Broker in Wasilla, Alaska, was 17 when she became pregnant. She also had a low income job, and did not get support from her single mother.

"I did not know of low income housing," Lobaugh said. "I did not know of public assistance. I did not know there were options out there for me. The case worker asked me 'Have you ever thought about adoption? Janice, what do you want for your son?' I said 'I want him to be loved. I want him to have a good life. I do not want him to go through hell.' She said 'There are people out there that will do that for you.'"

30 years later, both are happy to be together and hope to start a new chapter in their lives.

"After all these years of wondering, it was nice," Williams said. "I never thought this day would happen. Not in a million years did I think she would find me, or I would find her."

Lobaugh plans to stay in South Carolina until Friday. Williams hopes to visit her in Alaska soon, so that he can meet his other sisters there.