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      After a decade the town of Lexington has a new leader

      LEXINGTON (WACH) -- After being a fixture in town government for nineteen years and leading Lexington for nearly a decade, mayor Randy Halfacre is out and Steve MacDougall is in.

      "This is my town, there was not going to be any opposition to the current mayor and we have elections in this country for a reason and I just felt like from what I was hearing in the street there needed to be some opposition," said MacDougall.

      Councilman MacDougall won by the slimmest of margins, unofficial results show the town councilman defeating Halfacre by just 18 votes.

      The life long resident of Lexington was elected to town council two years ago and hopes new leadership can heal the blackeye left by a probe into councilman Danny Frazier's role in a high stakes gambling operation, that case is still under investigation.

      "I think I can change the tone of government and I think with the way I handle things, you know I come from the customer service industry so I have to make people happy and part of doing that I think I can involve council along the way and with seven people involved in it and not just one.

      I think a lot more things will come our way," adds MacDougall.

      WACH Fox spoke to several town residents who didn't want to go on camera but are excited for new leadership to take their town in a different direction.

      "Randy is a wonderful guy, he's a visionary he has great foresight. What I want to do is take those things that he's put into place and let's turn them into reality, let's make them happen," concludes MacDougall.

      WACH Fox reached out to Mayor Halfacre but he was not available for comment.

      Director of voter registration in Lexington County Dean Crepes says they plan to certify the election on Thursday.

      Crepes says right now Halfacre has not requested a re-count but he has until Friday to to do so.