Allen University making history by changing the face of its administration

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- â??I came to Allen in 2006. I'm a native South Carolinian so I decided to move back home,â?? says Dr. Pamela Wilson.

But what Dr. Pamela Wilson didn't know is that five years later she'd be occupying a position never before held by a woman at this historically black college.

â??I always try to shift the focus away from me because Iâ??m just a vessel,â?? says Dr. Pamela Wilson.

On February 8th, 2011 she became the first female president in Allen University's 142 year history.

â??Our leadership on the board of trustees is a true visionary and i think he told a step out on faith with putting me in this position,â?? says Dr. Wilson.

In a short time Dr. Wilson began to put her hand to the plow to find ways to improve the overall university experience.

â??We will be restoring Chapelle Hall auditorium back to its original glory,â?? says Dr. Wilson.

Under her administration the university established its own police force. Itâ??s complete with a police chief and nine officers who are all certified state constables.

Dr. Wilson says she also wants to restructure Allenâ??s academic programs so they reflect the community making graduates more marketable.

Dr. Wilson says she would like to develop a health education program and/or nursing.

Some faculty members and instructors are embracing the changes.

â??She brought a breath of fresh air to the university,â?? says Lavern Witherspoon, Chaplain of Allen University.

â??Not only for the perspective that she's a woman but she's from South Carolina so itâ??s more interesting to see someone locally that's in a higher position,â?? says Leah Norris, Economics Instructor.

Dr. Wilson says although Allen University is a historically black college, she tries to stress diversity.

â??We have a number of Caucasian faculty members. We have African faculty members and we have Chinese faculty members. So I want our students to get the real life experience that's reminiscent of what life is like beyond the doors of Allen University,â?? says Dr. Wilson.

She admits accomplishing all of her goals won't be easy but says she has the faith that she'll get the job done.

Dr. Wilsonâ??s inauguration will take place Thursday March 29th at Allen University.