Allen University students feel short changed; Administrators dispute

Students feel short changed but administrators dispute.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Allen University students claim they are being short changed by the University but school administrators disagree.

Several seniors who chose to remain anonymous said they are owed hundreds of dollars, money they depend on to make ends meet.

"You go back the next day, and they say give them two more weeks, two weeks turns into a month, a month turns into three months. I've taken the loans out and that refund belongs to me and I feel like that is unfair that Allen is holding on to the refunds," said a student.

Allen University President Dr. Pamela Martin Wilson released a statement Monday disputing the claims.

"Allen University is a full participant in the federal student aid program of the United States Department of Education and is fully compliant with all of its federal regulations and guidelines--to include the issuance of student refunds in the student loan program. Student refunds are dispersed according to program participation rules and governance and are not dictated by the external needs of students and parents. The disbursements are based on draw downs and schedules. Consequently, the student refunds will be issued beginning Tuesday, April 9, 2013, in accordance with the regulations of the Title IV program of the USDOE."

According to Wilson, the checks are set to be given out Tuesday afternoon.