Allen University students get refund checks

Allen University Students get refund checks.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Allen University students are feeling a little less stressed after getting their refund checks Tuesday.

Initially, several students felt like they were given the run around when it came to getting their tuition reimbursement money.

"We were supposed to get it like in March but since I didn't even get my check since last semester," said sophomore, Danielle Anderson.

On Friday, school administrators sent out emails to students claiming the delay was based on a banking error.

But in a statement provided to WACH Fox by school President Pamela Martin Wilson on Monday, the reason for the delay was because the school was following federal guidelines.

A move that until Tuesday wasn't sitting well with students.

"I'm pretty happy about this it's about time honestly you know I hope this doesn't happen again," said Anderson.

The tuition reimbursement money is the amount of money left over after students have paid tuition.

The refund is generally used to pay for things like food and housing.