Allen University students: Where is our refund money?

Dozens say they are concerned about not receiving money owed to them.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Seniors at Allen University are not just worrying about life after graduation in one month. Dozens say they are concerned about not receiving money owed to them.

One student, who did not want to be identified, said she was supposed to get $300 in loan refunds last month from the downtown Columbia school, but has only gotten the run around.

"You go back the next day, and they say give them two more weeks," she said. "Two weeks turns into a month, a month turns into three months. I have taken the loans out and that refund belongs to me. I feel like that is unfair that Allen is holding on to the refunds."

Two other seniors WACH spoke with say they are also owed roughly the same amount; and that some are waiting to get up to $2,000. The two women, who also asked to be anonymous, say more than 80 students are not getting their money to their knowledge. They tell WACH students are being told not to worry about it.

The second woman said parents are being told a different story.

"It is 'We do not have the money. The school does not have the money. And we are trying our best to get it back.' So which story is it?" the second woman said.

Students fear the federal money owed to them is instead being used for the school's benefit. WACH visited Allen University's Business and Administration buildings, but both were locked Friday afternoon.

The women say they depend of the refunds to make ends meet.

"I do work, however it is part time because I am a full time student," the second woman said. "And I live off campus so I do not have housing. I have to rent, utilities, and car insurance to pay."

"When I am getting ready to go for a higher position, corporate world, I have to show my degree," the third senior said. "But I do not have it because I cannot pay my senior dues."

WACH also tried to call Allen University. A representative told us that someone would call back. As of Friday night, that call has not come.

Students are signing a petition to present school board members in order to find a solution.