Allergy Tablet Could Help Those With Grass Allergies

Columbia (WACH)-- Allergy shots may be a thing of the past...Sort of.

An allergy tablet that's almost as effective as shots has been approved by the FDA.

For now...It only covers grass, and not every kind.

"Grass starts in May, ends in September. So it's only gonna cover May through September, nothing before or after that, weeds start up about the time school starts back about in August. It won't cover ragweed or other weeds." says Dr. R. Douglass Markham.

The tablet will build up grass allergy sufferers' tolerance to certain types of grasses.

It will need to be taken about a month prior to grass allergy season to be effective.

For one allergy sufferer with a fear of needles...This could mean daily relief with the convenience of taking it at home.

"For me i think it would mean that i'd feel a whole lot better it would just change my mood even during the day because it's soomething you suffer with 24/7 when you're awake. And i think a lot of people...It'd help them because they're afraid of shots." says Mike Hughes.

Because the tablet was tested in Europe where there are different grasses, this won't cover all of South Carolina's types.

Doctors think the grass allergy tablet could be expanded to cover more allergens over time.

Until then, the tablet will only help a small number of people for a small portion of the year.

"But where it's really gonna help is people that May is a disaster. And there are a few people in May, even though you're not seeing the pollen, May is the big grass month." says Markham.