Amateur drivers compete in 24 hour race event

KERSHAW, S.C. (WACH)--The Carolina Motorsports Park let racers pust the petal to the medal on Sunday.

The 24 Hours of Lemons Race was held this weekend. The race is held twice a year; and is named as a parody after the famous 24 Hours of Lemons (Leh-mahns) race in France.

86 teams signed up by entering old cars worth less than $500. They also had to install safety equipment and make their cars look unique. Each team had several drivers and had to race for 24 hours straight. Winners were determined by the number of laps raced and by who does the best with the worst cars.

Jay Lamm with the 24 Hours of Lemons said it gives amateurs a chance to hit the asphalt.

"It is a way for guys to go out and race who don't have a ton of money or skill," Lamm said. "They just want to get out on the race track. This is the place they can do it."

The next race will be in late September. To learn more, click here.