An old Columbia landmark receives a new purpose

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- It's known to most as the old Dunbar Funeral Home or the Whaley House.

The historic building which sits on the corner of Pickens and Gervais streets in downtown Columbia is seeing some changes.

The goal is to keep this landmark as close to the original as possible while giving it a new purpose.

It will eventually be home to the Childrens Law Center....which provides resources,assistance, and training for those who represent children in our court systems.

"One of our problems, is at this time we do not have on site training capabilitiy," said Harry Davis, the director of the Children's Law Center.

The Whaley House the childrens law center will now almost have 14000 square feet which they can use for training purposes.

The large rooms in the house will allow a dozen to 15 people to gather together for learning workshops.

The Childrens Law Center director Harry Davis said they expect the Whaley House project to be complete in 2 to 3 years.

Renovations to the interior include new plumbing, re-wiring, air conditioning and heating, which is estimated to coast 4 million dollars.

The outside of the house will receive renovations that maintain the buildings original style, those are estimated to cost 450,000 thousand and will be complete by December 2012.

"The color scheme used to paint the building is a color scheme that was selected from the 1890's," said Davis.