An ongoing debate with Richland County's EMS

Some people are questioning a policy that requires several EMS workers be with a patient in the back of an ambulance. Richland County EMS crews rushed to help a 3-year-old Columbia boy who died 11 days ago.

The coroner says Jaden Myers Pugh, died from a heart attack brought on by complications from the Swine Flu. Policy requires two EMS workers to be with critical patients, like Pugh, in the back of an ambulance. Now the little boy's family wants to know if the delay in transporting the boy may have contributed to his death.

The family of Jaden Myers Pugh says there was a delay getting the little boy to the hospital. Attorney Nathaniel Roberson says Pugh's family wants to know why it took so long for EMS crews to transport the boy to the hospital.

"Whatever it takes to correct that situation, so that that does not become another situation," said Roberson.

"What needs to be determined is what is necessary to have firefighters qualify to drive the ambulances," said Columbia Firefighter Chaplain Michael Bingham.

Pugh's death concerns Bingham. Current county policy says Columbia Firefighters cannot drive ambulances, even if an EMS worker isn't able to. They have to wait for another crew to arrive.

Richland County Spokeswoman Stephany Snowden, says the duties of emergency workers are more complicated than just transporting patients.

"It may seem like time is ticking but their first goal is to save that life, then transport," said Snowden.

"Whether or not there was sufficient personnel with EMS, it has not been determined whether or not that contributed to it," said Roberson.

For now, the family is still looking for answers.

There is no word, on whether the family of Jaden Myers Pugh will pursue legal action against the county.