Analyst: Obama speech a campaign preview

Columbia, (WACH) - President Obama seeking to level the playing field for all Americans in his State of the Union address Tuesday night, calling for higher taxes on millionaires and help for struggling homeowners.

University of South Carolina Political Scientist Dr. Bob Oldendick says as another election year beckons, most of the president's ideas will remain on paper.

"I don't think there's going to be much action this year.â?? â??The reason I say this is because if you look at what happened the last couple years there's been this increasing kind of confrontation, lack of willingness to compromise."

The president's speech received with optimism or skepticism, depending on who you talk to.

"I watched it with hope, but all I could see was the same promises, and I couldn't see any definite plans to make it better," said Billy Gray of Columbia

"He spoke on everything; he spoke for everyone, with everyone.â?? â??I think we should take heed,â?? counters Malcolm Compton of Columbia.

â??I think you can look at the State of the Union address in terms of an election year, and really as the start of the campaign,â?? adds Oldendick.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin says the presidentâ??s policies can work for the country

â??President Obama offers a way forward that creates jobs, rebuilds our infrastructure and restores our middle-class values of fairness and responsibility,â?? said the mayor.