Announcing changes to commenting


We have listened to you, our community, and are implementing a change to our website commenting feature. Starting Monday, November 28, users who like to make comments on the website will need to first login with their Facebook account.

Our previous commenting tool was easy to use but sometimes it led to a high incidence of unproductive feedback. You notified us about your frustration regarding anonymous posts containing derogatory language and we have heard you. We hope that this change will curb verbal abuse, threats and defamatory language that some users have posted to our website that disrupts productive discussion and debate. With these improvements we aim for our website to provide our community with a platform that fosters open and important conversations about the stories and events that impact our lives.

We apologize for any inconvenience if you do not currently have a Facebook account. We invite you to register with Facebook. While you need a Facebook profile to comment, you don TMt have to routinely use that Facebook profile for any of its social networking features. After you set up your profile you don't ever have to have friends, post, talk to people, etc.

Below are links and material that will assist you in creating an account and understanding Facebook TMs privacy preferences. If you would like to ask us any questions or let us know how you feel about this change, please e-mail or call 803-252-6397. We appreciate your understanding.


Ben Tucker

General ManagerWACH Fox &

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