Another broken pipe makes a mess on Gervais

A water main break caused massive traffic problems in Downtown Columbia Monday.

It also left some businesses without water.

The break shut down parts of Gervais Street during the height of rush hour.

Crews had to shut the water off and replace the broken pipes.

The city also issued a boil water advisory for Gervais Street between Park and Assembly and any other customers that experienced loss of water in the day.

Columbia Utilities Director John Dooley says crews won't be finished until later in the day.

"It doesn't looks like there's been any construction activity, or anything like that in the area, so I really don't know what the problem was," Dooley says. "I think once we get this fixed, we should be okay."

The Mellow Mushroom was one business without water for most of the afternoon.

Marble Slab's manager says the store was expecting to have its water cut-off as crews continue work below ground.

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