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      Are you prepared for a tornado?

      Unlike the Midwest, South Carolina doesn't have a tornado season.

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Unlike the Midwest, South Carolina doesn't have a tornado season.

      According to Derrec Becker with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, tornadoes can happen throughout the year.

      "In this state because of the weather systems, they are only on the ground for a few seconds," said Derrec Becker.

      He says tornadoes typically spawn from severe thunderstorms leaving little to no warning.

      In 2009, 46 tornadoes touched down in South Carolina. The last deadly tornado to hit was in 2011. Three people died as a result of that storm.

      So just how prepared is the Palmetto state if one were to occur any given day?

      "Go to the lowest level of a sturdy structure and seeking the central most room in a house like an interior bathroom or interior closet," said Becker.

      Covering your body to avoid falling debris along with having enough food and water to last up to 72 hours is also suggested.

      While sirens are used to alert communities of a tornado, sirens are not available in every county throughout South Carolina.

      A NOAA-certified weather radio can help in this case, as it could possibly serve as your only warning of a tornado touching down in your area.