Are your feet giving away your true feelings?

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Are your feet telling your secrets? According to behavior expert Gerald Glascock, the surprising answer may be yes.

In this week TMs Good Behavior segment, Glascock, from the Southern Institute of Etiquette, discussed how the direction of someone TMs feet gives an indication of their interest in the topic, or even the conversation.

Your feet point to where your mind is going, says Glascock, explaining that if someone is thinking about something besides the conversation they are in, their feet will be pointing toward the door, or another conversation.

Glascock says there is another social indicator that can be derived by someone TMs feet, and it TMs one that Jerry Seinfeld may have had interest in taking note of. When in a social conversation, Glascock says that you should always be able to see person TMs feet in your peripheral vision, indicating that if you can TMt see the person TMs feet, you are too close.

Glascock offers many tips on his website, and joins Good Day Columbia every Monday Morning in the Good Behavior segment, teaching basic etiquette skills that can help land a job, network effectively, and even date.