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      Army Reserve celebrates 105th birthday

      COLUMBIA (WACH)-- A celebration for the ages at Fort Jackson as the Army Reserves turns 105.

      Soldiers we're soaking in every moment of the birthday celebration.

      It was the last birthday celebration for Master Sgt. Joyce Duarte as a solider.

      She's retiring this year and says Thursday's celebration was a reminder of how the Army shaped her life.

      "There was a lot of challenges in my life but i've learned to overcome. The military has helped me and my family grow and to know what family and support is", said Duarte.

      Duarte has been in the army for 27 years and before joining the military she was a nurse.

      She say's she expected to continue working with patients in the Army but she's been a trainer for more than 20 years.

      Duarte says her 27 year career is longer than most soldiers but her love for teaching and preparing soldiers is what kept her working all these years.

      "I feel like I'm going away but I'm not, the tears wanted to come but they didn't because I know I'll still be part of the military and the army," adds Duarte.