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      Arrive Alive Tour teaching teens the impact of distracted driving

      CAMDEN, SC (WACH) --- Camden High School freshman Morgan Peters saw first hand Tuesday how texting and driving can changes lives.

      Peters got behind the wheel of a simulator and learned why texting and driving is four times more dangerous than drinking and driving from educators with the Arrive Alive Tour.

      In the few seconds it takes to send a text the teen was swerving, driving on the wrong side of the road and almost killed a pedestrian.

      "Next time I'm in the car with someone who is texting and driving, I'm going to tell them to stop or let me out or drinking and driving at that. I'm not going to get in the car after having that experience," said Peters.

      Sophomore Latia Benson didn't fare much better in the drinking and driving portion of the simulation.

      Both teens were not surprised by the problems they faced in the simulator and they've both seen friends get hurt while behind the wheel.

      "One of my friends was texting and driving and we landed in a ditch because we both were not looking at the road at all," said Benson.

      "Not too long ago, a couple of my friends had a bad experience with drinking and driving and it's just .... scary," adds Peters.

      Nicole Guerry is the school's guidance counselor and knows students at Camden High have been impacted by drinking and driving.

      "It allows them to see that there not... There not above the law and these things can happen to them even though they think they are superstar drivers," said Guerry.

      Guerry thinks Tuesday's experiece in the simulator will help students make better choices.

      "You could take someone's life, just for that stupid mistake," said Peters.