Arthur Update: Will it affect your holiday plans?

Tropical Storm Arthur is making its way up the east coast of the United States. Expected to become a hurricane tomorrow, this storm will bring minimal impact to the Midlands. While there is a Tropical Storm Watch for the northern S.C. coast and a Tropical Storm Warning for the N.C. coast, we stay watch and warning free.

As far as impacts go, moisture is likely all we will see from this storm. Rain chances do increase on Thursday, but that is mainly due to a cold front that will move across the state. Elevated wind speeds are a potential impact as well, but sustained winds will be near 10 mph.

What will this mean for your Fourth of July weekend? All is a go if you are staying inland, but for those heading to the beaches, have a backup plan. Fireworks will likely be perfect in the Midlands Friday night, with mostly clear skies. However, beachâ??goers may still have to deal with high winds and rip currents.

As of 11am, the pressure has dropped to 997mb, it is moving north at 7mph and maximum sustained winds are still 60mph.