Attorney: Deebo Samuel not involved in bar assault

Deebo Samuel (USC Athletics page)

Columbia, S.C. (WACH)-- A lawyer has confirmed that USC football player Deebo Samuel was not involved in an alleged assault.

According to an incident report, Samuel, Skai Moore and former linebacker Jalen Dread assaulted a man at the Five Points Saloon last weekend.

The men were identified by staff members at the bar.

The victim said they all were arguing, then things became physical and he was hit several times in the face.

Samuels lawyer says he expects the player to be cleared of any wrongdoing.

No charges have been filed against the other two football players named in the report.

Below is the statement from Samuel's lawyer:

Mr. Samuel is innocent of all allegations surrounding the alleged assault at The Saloon on April 29, 2017. Our investigation has confirmed Mr. Samuel’s statement that he was not present and had no part in the alleged incident. We expect Mr. Samuel to be cleared of any wrong doing by the Columbia Police Department. His attorney, Neal M. Lourie, stated, “It’s unfortunate his reputation was tarnished by inaccurate reporting and a rush to publish a story without any independent corroboration. I hope there will be a retraction with as strong a headline as the initial false report
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