Attorney recognized for service to community

A local attorney is being recognized as a leader in the community.

I.S. Leevy Johnson won this year's Hyman Rubin, Sr. Distinguished Service Award.

He believes a key to promoting positive cultural growth involves those with a positive message adopting a louder voice.

"The very nature of people is that those who are negative make the most noise," says Johnson.

He adds that people of good who want to improve race relations need to form groups as equally vocal as the ones more often drawing attention for protesting against.

"Race is still on the plate as an issue very much of concern," says Preston H. Winkler, CRC Executive Director. "We're not there yet, but we're striving to be a better community."

The keynote speaker at the ceremony was City Mayor Bob Coble, who was quick to praise the organization for years of fostering progress in Columbia, but Mr. Johnson still feels that a city divided will not stand.

"We cannot excel in this community as long as we are divided and polarized," Johnson stresses.

For more info on the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council, call 733 1130.