Baby doll promotes Islam?

Does the Little Mommy Baby Cuddle really say "Islam is the light?"

The Fisher Price "Cuddle n' Coo" doll is supposed to make baby noises and say "mama."

Some concerned parents say they hear the toy saying, "Islam is the light."

"It sounded like Islam is the light," said Carl Faul.

"Islam is the light," said Brice Milbourne.

Faul has a young daughter who also owns Cuddle n' Coo dolls.

He says, he'll make sure to check the other dolls to make sure they don't say anything either.

"I think it should be recalled if that's what it's truely saying and find out how it got into the doll," said Faul.

Fisher Price spokeswoman Jennifer Mennell released a statement saying the dolls are intended to coo and make babbling sounds with no sentence structure.

"There is a sound that may resemble something close to the word, night, right or light," Mattel responded.

"To avoid any potential misinterpretation, we have eliminated that segment of sound file from future production," said Fisher Price.

Both Carl Faul and Brice Milbourne say they wouldn't buy one for their children.

But Milbourne admits he's tempted to buy one for himself, just in case it becomes a collectors item.