Baby gadgets helpful or hurtful?

<font size="2">The changing faces of baby products hoping to give new parents a break.</font>

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Baby TJ is just six weeks old.

His mother Danielle Moore enjoying her last weeks of maternity leave.

â??I have a noisy baby he snores, he grunts in his sleep,â?? says Moore.

She says the baby gifts TJ has received has made her life easier.

â??My son will not just swing. Swing is not good enough for him. You have to make sure you vibrate it as well. Thatâ??s the only way I can get him to sleep and be somber,â?? says Moore.

And its products that this swing that have many parents counting their blessings.

Baby products across the board getting high tech upgrades.

Swings like these give parents five unique motions to help the little one go to sleep.

Many car seats now have foam memory and different levels of reclining.

Some car seats have mechanisms that can reduce the amount of injury a child gets where involved in an accident.

Moore embracing high tech baby products.

Her mother who doesnâ??t live in Columbia, purchased a tablet so she could keep in touch with her grandson.

Our cameras were rolling when she Skyped baby TJ.

â??Isn't this a blessing? It is isn't this the coolest thing ever. i see that. but you know i was determined. I wasn't going to miss a moment of his life, if we had to put a satellite up in the sky," says Cheryl Harleston, TJ's Grandmother via Skype.

Parents and family members are dishing out hundreds of dollars on different products.

â??I think it also helps with TJ growing up he'll be able to know his grandparents,â?? says Moore.

But is it worth it?

â??Take a moment, think about it. Is this going to help me as a parent or is it just a new gadget for me to play with,â?? says Stephen Miano.

Stephen Miano owner of That Computer Store in Irmo.

â??That human interaction is so important. It is possible that as we rely more on technology we'll start to rely little bit less on that human interaction. That human interpersonal relationships that are so important at that age,â?? says Miano.

And letâ??s not forget a hot commodity baby monitors.

You can hear and see everything in a babies nursery even miles away from home.

â??A lot of these baby monitoring technologies aren't that different, than some the other technologies that have been developed for teleconferencing, web cam,â?? says Miano.

While Moore enjoys the different types of high tech baby gadgets she tells expecting parents don't get to carried away with baby purchases.

"Diapers, wipes that's it. I mean thatâ??s all a baby really needs and your love,â?? says Moore.