Baddourah, Coble, making final push to get votes before runoff election

      It was anything but T.G.I.F for District 3 Candidates Moe Baddourah and Daniel Coble are both hard at work going door-to-door.

      Both are trying to get as many votes as possible in Tuesday's runoff election.

      Coble said they have both learned a lot.

      "Politics is tough. It takes a lot of work, energy, dedication. I have learned that our neighborhoods are all very unique and different."

      Coble was in Melrose Heights Friday. Baddourah was in Forest Hills. The two were involved in a close race earlier this month. Baddourah led Coble by just over 60 votes in the April 3rd election; leading to next week's runoff.

      Baddourah prides himself on being a family man and restaurant owner. He said his experience is an asset.

      "I'm a businessman with a business common sense that will bring a balance to the Council. I will be the most experience when it comes to business, and think out of the box."

      Coble, a 25 year old about to graduate law school, and the son of former Mayor Bob Coble, said he is the one with fresh ideas by bringing a different perspective, and new blood to the council.

      "What people want in a City Council Person is new energy, new ideas, and enthusiasm. That is what I'm going to bring. We have had many debates and I have been at every meeting, every forum, every debate, answering all of the tough questions, and showing my knowledge on the issues."

      Win or lose, Baddourah said they both want what is best for their constituents, and that they enjoyed the experience.

      "It really has been a pleasure knocking on almost 8,000 homes in the past six months, meeting as many as 3-4,000 people, shaking hands with a lot of people. It really is an honor."

      Here is a complete list of polling locations.


      Polling Locations

      WARD 1

      Capital Senior Center, 1650 Park Circle

      WARD 5

      Pacific Memorial Park, 200 Wayne St.

      WARD 6

      Bradley Elementary School, 3032 Pine Belt Rd.

      WARD 10

      A.C. Moore Elementary School, 333 Etiwan Ave.

      WARD 11

      Ben Arnold Recreation Center, 1100 S. Holly St.

      WARD 12

      Hand Middle School, 2600 Wheat St.

      WARD 13

      Rosewood Elementary, 3300 Rosewood Dr.

      WARD 14

      Sims Park, 3500 Duncan St.

      WARD 15

      Melrose Park, 1500 Fairview Dr.

      WARD 16

      Dreher High School, 3319 Millwood Ave.

      WARD 17

      Brennan Elementary, 4438 Devereaux Rd.

      WARD 18

      Old Watkins School, 2612 Covenant Rd.

      WARD 23

      Shandon Fire Station, 2847 Devine St.

      WARD 33

      Martin Luther King Memorial Park, 2300 Green St.

      WARD 34

      Pinehurst Park, 2300 Pinehurst Rd.


      w/ Ward 5 Pacific Memorial Park, 200 Wayne St.


      Annie Burnside Elementary, 7300 Patterson Rd.


      South Kilbourne Elementary, 1400 S. Kilbourne Rd.


      Meadowfield Elementary, 525 Galway Lane


      w/ Ward 5 Pacific Memorial Park, 200 Wayne St.
      / `


      VFW Post 641, 534 South Beltline Blvd.


      Woodlands Park, 6500 Olde Knight Parkway