Bank robbery ends with one suspect dead, three arrested

State Law Enforcement Division agents search for bank robbery suspects.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A late-morning bank robbery and man-hunt Friday ended several hours later with one man dead -- shot by law enforcement -- and three others arrested.

Ozzie Carreker, 26, Rashad Hall, 22, and Naim Stroman, 22, were arrested for armed robbery, attempted murder and kidnapping. The name of the criminal who died has not been released.

According to Richland County deputy Curtis Wilson, the robbery occurred around 10 a.m. when four men entered a Wells Fargo bank on Parklane Road. The suspects, wearing masks, entered the bank firing shots and demanding money. Richland County deputies and Columbia police arrived on the scene moments later.

The suspects got into a vehicle with bundles of money and fled down Parklane Road.

"They were hanging out of the car -- bad guys were shooting at the police officers behind them," said Sheriff Leon Lott.

A man-hunt in the Parklane and Highway 277 area ended after law enforcement arrested two of the men walking down the interstate and one in a neighborhood backyard. Two law enforcement officers shot and killed the fourth man when he attempted to shoot at them.

"They were trying to get him to give up," said Sheriff Lott. "He would not give up. He kept walking backwards away from them, and he made a statement: 'I'm 'on kill ya.' And he was pulling the gun out of his pocket in the process of doing that, and that's when he was shot."

Sheriff Lott says all the men had lengthy criminal records.

"One of the subjects that we arrested had an ankle monitor on that he took off this morning in order to go do this bank robbery," said Sheriff Lott.

Sheriff Lott says many people were in the bank when the robbers entered. Although the robbers fired shots in the bank and threatened the people there, no citizens or law enforcement were injured during the incident.

Sheriff Lott says law enforcement recovered the money that was stolen.

Sheriff Lott says law enforcement is investigating whether the men were involved in another bank robbery that happened Thursday on Garners Ferry Road.