Bertha may become a hurricane by early Tuesday morning

Columbia (WACH) â?? Another day of below normal temperatures with a few scattered showers expected. We continue to watch Tropical Storm Bertha that may become a hurricane by early Tuesday morning.


Tropical Storm Bertha will continue to move north off the coast of the United States before it curves to the northeast on Tuesday. Posing no threat to the Midlands, Bertha currently has maximum sustained winds of 70 mph with a pressure of 999 mb. Bertha is projected to become a category 1 hurricane by early Tuesday morning, as it enters an area with weaker wind shear. This will make the storm not only the second named storm of the season, but also the second hurricane.

After a gloomy past few days with below average temperatures, we will see another day in the 80â??s. Weâ??ve been stuck in the same pattern for the past few days, with a front stalled along the east coast. That has been keeping moisture in the area, leading to clouds and rain in the Midlands. The abundant cloud coverage and rain has also been helping to keep our temperatures below normal. We usually see temperatures in the low 90â??s for this time of year, but weâ??ve been in the 80â??s and today will be no different. That front will help to keep most of the showers to our east, and with a bit more sun throughout the week, our temperatures may be able to warm back up into the 90â??s.