Bi-partisan bill looks to protect whistle-blowers

Sen. Jake Knotts

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A bi-partisan bill is looking to overhaul the state's whistle blower protection law.

Republican Sen. Jake Knotts and Democratic Sen. Vincent Sheheen unveiled a measure they say will lead to greater protections for public employees who report wrong-doing.

They say the legislation will lead to greater accountability.

"These are good employees and they want to do what's right and be good public servants," Sen. Knotts says. "But they see what's going on and if they don't have a way to report without retaliation."

"We've had a string of leaders who have been totally unaccountable and scandalized our state," Sen. Sheheen adds. "I think it's time for people to take a look at the people we're electing."

The senators say their plan protects employees who report wrong-doing from retaliation and also gives them incentives for speaking up.