Biscuit Benefit - Students get help from restaurant

Photo Credit: Sara Jane Harris

Columbia TMs Biscuit House helped several Heathwood Hall students raise more than $1,200 for a mission project to help the people of Johns Island.

Each year the school TMs graduating class visits the island to paint and fix houses.

"It's a great feeling to see them out here working for a cause that we know is going to make a difference," said Willis Ware, spokesperson for Heathwood Hall. Student Body President Austin McCoy said the Biscuit House is a favorite hangout for Heathwood Hall students.

"Gene Sansbury, who's the owner here, he's been generous enough to donate half of what Heathwood raises today and he's going to donate it directly to this cause," said McCoy.

I TMm now in my second generation of Heathwood Hall students, said Sansbury.

Sansbury said he felt helping the students raise money was the least he could do, as they are the last seniors the business will get to feed.

The famous restaurant is in its last days after it received an eviction letter from the University of South Carolina. The letter said the university needs the property to build additional parking.

"This is progress and you just roll with the punches and we've had a great run here," said Sansbury.

In total the seniors and Biscuit House raised more than $1,200 for their mission project.

The Heathwood Hall students expect to leave in May around the same time the business expects to shut its doors for good.