Bixby patriarch ruled incompetent in cop deaths

LAURENS, S.C. (AP) -- Prosecutors say they want a 78-year-old man charged with killing two South Carolina officers committed to a mental hospital after he was again found incompetent to stand trial.

Solicitor Jerry Peace said Tuesday he will ask a probate judge to have Arthur Bixby committed to a mental hospital.

On Monday, Judge Wyatt Saunders ruled that Bixby was incompetent because he suffers from dementia. Peace says Bixby could be tried later if he were to become competent.

Authorities say Bixby and his son ambushed a sheriff's deputy and state constable in 2003 over a land dispute with the state Department of Transportation.

Steven Bixby has been sentenced to death. His mother is serving a life sentence because she knew what her family planned but didn't tell authorities.

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