Black Panther Party demand justice in brutal killing

Members of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, and the Black Lawyers for Justice demanded answers for the possible hate crime.

Members of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, demanded answers for a possible hate crime in Newberry. On Thursday nearly half a dozen members of the organization, voiced their concerns following the brutal killing of a Midlands Man.

"You better handle your business Newberry," said Minister Hashim Nzinga.

A small group, delivering a big message Thursday. Members of the Black Lawyers for Justice and the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense joined together--in their words--to correct a wrongdoing.

"This is an overkill," said Imam Akbar. "And injustice has been done."

It's an injustice they say against 30-year-old Anthony Hill. Last week the Winnsboro man was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head. The man accused of the brutal crime is 19-year-old Gregory Collins. The teen is accused of tying Hill's dead body to a pickup truck and dragged him for 10 miles.

"We just took the ride in how long this man was drug through the streets of Newberry," said Nzinga. "And I say to you--it's a shame Newberry--that much blood was put on your streets."

"We are going to get to the bottom of this and we are going to handle it appropriately," said Newberry Sheriff Todd Johnson.

Johnson says the investigation is ongoing.

"I think the united voices that are saying this is a horrific crime that everyone is shocked and appalled to see and to hear about," said Johnson.

"We don't turn the other cheek, we don't pray for our enemies," said Nzinga. "We say our enemies have been lynching us too long."

Investigators have not yet classified the killing as a hate crime, but the party says there's no gray area when it comes to what happened to Anthony Hill.

"Don't start that, the Klan and the Black Panthers are the same," said Nzinga. "We ain't never lynched a white man, we ain't never bombed a church, we ain't never killed one of their babies. The only time we show up is when they're killing us."

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," said Akbar.

And the group says they will not rest until justice is served.

The Black Lawyers and the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense will return to Newberry on Saturday, June 26th, for a mass rally and march.