Blythewood church finds a place to call home

BLYTHEWOOD,S.C. (WACH) -- Pastor Sam Schneider has been through a challenging journey over the past years with his congregation, trying to find a place to call home.

Pastor Schneiders church lost their original building which temporarily left them holding service in a nearby school.

They tried to explore other options and were unsuccessful due to the economy, so they decided to set up a tent and hold services on a piece of land they found in Blythewood.

An annonymous donor finished paying off the land so Schneider stayed there with his congregation for more than 2 years.

"Well we put heaters in it, we had air conditioning with 20 tons of air in it, a carpeted floor. Everything you would expect," said Schneider.

Then a fire marshall told the congregation they could no longer stay in their tent and gave them 30 days to find a new place of worship.

In January 2012 they moved into an old Ace Hardware building, and renovated the inside to look like a church.

Karl Yoas owned the old hardware building and allowed The Rivers International Worship Center to move in and set up.

"It's been very beneficial, I mean I have learned from this experience. It's great to see someone take an empty building, and have an idea, and in two months time turn it into a beautiful sanctuary," said Yoas who attended Sunday's service.