Board hears, denies 3 Richland County election protests

Richland County Election Commission Director Lillian McBride said, "No."

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The Richland County Election Commission dealt with several protests over the November 6 election Monday.

Former Richland County Council Candidate Michael Letts asked board members to step aside Monday Morning.

"I request that each of you, as of one of your members has already done, recused yourselves from this hearing," said Letts.

Letts hoped the State Election Commission would handle protests over last month's election, but the county board members would not budge.

The board members heard Lett's protest surrounding the penny tax vote.

Letts also asked if state law of one machine for every 250 registered voters was followed on Election Day.

Richland County Election Commission Director Lillian McBride said, "No."

"When you have an election where you break the law, it's an unlawful election," said Letts.

Despite admitting there were many problems at the polls on November 6, board members say those issues do not affect the results.

The board denied the protest of Letts related to the Richland County Sales Tax Referendum 1 and 2.

Letts says the denial of his request was expected.

"It is unfair to ask a body to police itself, which is why we suggested they recused themselves and take this directly to the State Election Commission," said Letts.

One board member said the situation is unfortunate and the vote of the board members, "does not mean we were happy with the election in any way."

Letts says he plans to protest all the way to the Supreme Court if needed.

The board also denied two other protests Monday, the District 8 race between Michael Letts and Councilman Jim Manning, and the District 7 race of Celestine Parker and Torey Rush.