Body discovery strengthens 2 year old case

LEXINGTON (WACH) - The discovery of 22 year old Michael George's body has finally put an end to a two year investigation.

"Finding the body certainly helps strengthen our case without any doubt." says Lexington County Sheriff James Metts.

During the investigation deputies have arrested three people they say are responsible for the West Columbia man's death.

Charles Malette's home was the center of the investigation since deputies found George's blood and DNA inside Malette's Lexington County home.

William Embree Junior and Rachel Fremion were also arrested in connection with the murder.

And while there was plenty of evidence to make a case against these three, Sheriff Metts says finding George's body is the key to this case.

"The body that we found just strengthens the case more. We were ready to go to trial at any point in time. And as I said, we have successfully prosecuted a number of cases where we have charged people with homicide where we did not locate the body." explains Metts.

It also helps to bring closure to a family who has never given up hope their son would be found.

"Until I see his body, or got his remains, I'm gonna still say he's alive. As a mom, I cannot stop not thinking that. And I cannot give up on him. I cannot quit looking for him." said Michael George's mother, Helen George, back in February of this year.

And Metts says finding the final piece of the puzzle will finally allow George's family to have some peace.

"Why this is so important in locating the body is that it brings closure to the family. And that is so, so important that they understand you know, what happened and have the body so they can give it a proper burial." concludes Metts.