Body with several tattoos found in Newberry Co.

NEWBERRY (WACH) -- Newberry County officials are asking for the public's help identifying a body that was found in a wooded area off Jalapa Highway near I-26.

Last Monday, work crews discovered the body which investigators say was there for three to five days.

The body is that of what is believed to be a white male standing around 5'7". He was found wearing a dark tank top, gray zip-up hoody, dark athletic shorts, stainless steel square bracelet and necklace with a pill container. He had on Converse high-tops with an image of a dragon and a woman on the side.

The body also has several tattoos which police feel may be helpful in identifying the body.

They include an image of praying hands with the word 'beer' below it, a skull and an Oriental character raising his middle finger on his chest, spider webs on his middle finger and a blue flower on his right shin. The body also has a dagger through a dragon's head on the left shin and a naked woman mounted on a tattoo gun on the left forearm.

Investigators are still waiting for results of an autopsy.

If you have any information that may be helpful to police, you're urged to call CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.