Bond denied for couple accused of killing Heather Elvis

MYRTLE BEACH (WPDE) --An Horry County judge has denied bond for Sidney and Tammy Moorer who have been charged in the murder of Heather Elvis.

Judge Steven John says he denied bond because of the seriousness of charges, nature of case, potential penalty, and questions of whether defendants will reappear in court.

Horry County police filed murder charges Monday, February 24 against the Moorers.

Sidney Moorer, 38, and Tammy Moorer, 41, are also charged with Murder, Kidnapping, Obstruction of Justice and Indecent Exposure.

At a news conference February 24, authorities were careful to not reveal information they believed might jeopardize the case.

Police said from the day Heather wasfirst reported missing December 19, investigators were looking at the Moorers as potential suspects in her disappearance.

Police say they know there was a relationship between the Moorers and Elvis.

WPDE NewsChannel 15's Marc Liverman is in the courtroom.

Here's what we're learning from him so far.

Prosecutors say on December 17, after 1 a.m., Sidney Moorer called Heather Elvis, and they spoke for about four minutes. They say Heather then called Sidney two more times from home with no response. Prosecutors say the two finally spoke after 3:17 a.m. They say Heather was home for those calls and left after the 3:17 a.m. call for the Peachtree Boat Landing.

That's where her car was found shortly after she was reported missing.

Prosecutors say they have evidence of the Moorer's truck coming to Peachtree Landing the night Elvis disappeared.

Prosecutors say Tammy Moorer knew her husband was having an affair with Heather.

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