Breaking: Gabbiee Swainsonâ??s body found

Sheriff Leon Lott says body of missing Columbia teen Gabbiee Swainson has been found

RICHLAND, SC -- Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says, Freddie Grant, the suspect in the disappearance of Columbia teen Gabbiee Swainson has directed them to where he buried the teenaged girlâ??s body.

Right now, authorities are searching an area between Elgin and Lugoff in Kershaw County. Sheriff Leon Lott says many people searched the area where Freddie Grant says she was buried before today.

Grant was a friend of Gabbiee Swainsonâ??s mother Elvia and was named a suspect in the her disappearance weeks after Gabbiee went missing.

Sheriff Leon Lott says Freddie Grant will be charged with murder.

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