Brett Parker murder trial: Gun Shot Residue testimony

Gun shot residue from the Brett Parker trial.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Monday marked day 3 of the Brett Parker double murder trial.

Parker is accused of killing his wife Tammy Jo and gambling associate Bryan Capnerhurst.

The prosecution picked right up from where they left off Thursday, with Richland County Sgt. Crime Scene Investigator Stan Richards.

Richards testified about the stacks of money found in Parker's upstair safe, bullet holes found inside the house, and shell casings.

Defense attorney for Parker, Marc Whitlark cross-examined Richards and the other CSI witness Trevor Holt about gun shot residue tests, and crime scene security.

The defense continued to argue their stance that the crime scene was exposed to too many people and evidence may have been compromised, and want their own GSR expert who could possibily refute the states evidence.

The jury was dismissed because a juror said they were feeling sick.

However both sides stuck around to hash out their differences over a layout which showed crime scene dimensions and consisted of graphic pictures, the prosecution wanted to show jurors.

Parker's defense objecting to the display saying it was too much for jurors to see in a case that is purely circumstantial.