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      Brett Parker takes the stand in his murder trial

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- In the Brett Parker murder trial, Parker himself took the stand Friday, at times taking a strong tone with prosecutors.

      Three weeks into the trial, Parker told in his own words what happened the day his wife, Tammy Jo, and gambling associate, Bryan Capnerhurst, were gunned down.

      "I turned and I shot...I kept pulling the trigger," said Parker. "I don't know what I did at that instance. I just kept pulling the trigger."

      Parker testified that he shot Capnerhurst in self defense after Capnerhurst killed Tammy Jo.

      "When I got to that safe, I made the decision right then that it's going to be me or him," said Parker.

      Parker got frustrated as the prosecution questioned him about his actions immediately after the shooting.

      "You gone sit here and tell me after what I was going through- Is there a book on what you're supposed to do?" asked Parker. "Because I was out of my mind. I had just killed somebody, and now I'm sitting there looking at my wife laying there in a puddle of blood."

      The prosecution is trying to prove Parker killed his wife for an inheritance that would be used to pay back his gambling debt.

      "You gambled it away to the tune of $176 thousand at the time Tammy died," said Assistant Solicitor Luck Campbell.

      "You're right," Parker agreed.

      The prosecution questioned him about an extramarital affair and a suicide attempt he had made after going on a gambling binge six years prior.

      "I had a gambling problem, but as Tammy is, she comforted me, and she took me in," said Parker, breaking into tears. "She was the best. I would never hurt Tammy."

      Parker denies feeling hopeless to pay back his most recent debt, saying he worked every day to pay it back.

      The defense is trying to prove Capnerhurst killed Tammy Jo and wanted to kill Brett Parker for money.