'Brewing' Concerns at Columbia Tea Party

On Saturday folks from around the Midlands gathered at the State House to demand the government curb its spending during the annual "Columbia Tea Party."

On the Fourth of July, dozens of protestors were looking to spark some attention on issues that concern them most.

"We're here today to protest government expansion at every level," said Jessica Cross.

That includes federal and state levels. Jessica Cross with the South Carolina Campaign for Liberty says they're using Saturday to exercise their right to freedom of speech. Cross says she and several other Carolinians are frustrated at how the government is spending taxpayer money.

"We're angry over how our tax dollars are being spent and how they're being represented," said Cross.

She says she's one person looking to make a difference. And Cross has this message for government officials:

"With all due respect butt out of our lives," said Cross. "A free people doesn't have a federal or state government deciding how they're going to educate their children."

The protestors say they're voicing their independent concerns on this Independence Day.

"We're trying to communicate to our legislatures we're not happy because they're not hearing it, they're not listening," said Cross. "And we need to begin to get them to listen because they work for us not the other way around."

This is the second year for the "Columbia Tea Party."