Bringing the battlefield to the Carolinas

Veterans and athletes alike ran through an obstacle course set up outside of the state house on Friday.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -Veterans and athletes alike ran through an obstacle course set up outside of the state house on Friday.

The new and intense obstacle course is a part of Battlefrog, a race inspired by the challenges real Navy Seals face on a mission.

"Battlefrog is a race series designed and created by Navy Seals," said Don Mann, a retired U.S. Navy Seal and the CEO of Battlefrog. "Here we have four of the thirty obstacles we have at our races."

Mann adds that the races are conducted all over the country, bringing fun and fitness together for people of all ages.

"I like rope climbs," said Sean Clayton, a semi-professional obstacle course runner. "Rope climbs are very tough, climbing straight up using mostly upper body strength, it's great exercise and it keeps you in shape."

While enjoying the results each obstacle brings, Battlefrog is so meaningful because it's made possible by the generous partnerships given by; The Navy Seal Foundation, the Navy Seal Museum, the Seal Foundation for Veterans, and the Trident House.

"They're backing us, these four charity organizations, four navy seal foundations and we're backing them. We get a lot of seals working with us and a lot of military veterans, and we're giving back to the community. Things we've learned in the Seal community, we're giving that back," added Mann.

The proceeds from each event are used to help families of fallen Navy Seals and Navy Seals with disabilities.

"It's really huge, just to be out here with the Navy Seals and things like that supporting those guys and all the work that they do, it's just great to be a part of it," said Clayton.

Battlefrog will host its next obstacle course race on June 21, 2014 in Winnsboro at Carolina Adventure World.

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