Brutal death leaves Kershaw County searching for answers

KERSHAW (WACH) - "I was even compared to Chicken Little, saying that the sky is falling." says Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews.

Matthews admits it does seem chaos consumes Kershaw County sometimes.

The most recent crime being the death of 25 year old Antwan Dixon.

Dixon was found near the intersection of Black River Road and Pathfinder Trail with his car in flames.

"The deputy tried to put the fire out with his fire extinguisher and wasn't successful, so he immediately started to try and get this guy out of the car. Which he successfully did." says Matthews.

After being airlifted to Palmetto Health Richland, it was found Dixon had been shot in the head.

There were also multiple bullet holes in Dixon's car and shell casings along the road.

"We began narrowing it down, talking to people who had been with him. We don't have a suspect at this time, but we do have a person that we're interested in finding to talk to him." explains Matthews.

And he wants to assure everyone the good guys are banding together to keep the community safe.

Past partnerships with agencies like the Richland County and Lancaster County Sheriff's Departments have proven successful.

"We're not too proud to ask for help when we need it. So I think the people in this county can rest assured that we do everything that we can do and we bring in outside resources when necessary. And frequently that's the case." Matthews says.

But even without those outside resources, the Kershaw County Sheriff's Department is still searching for answers after this weekend's crime.