Bus driver leaves child on bus for 6 hours

School bus

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- Monday, an elementary school student was found left in a school bus for six hours in Pelion.

At 1:30pm when the driver and an aide returned to the bus for afternoon pickup, they found a student on the bus.

The driver called and reported the incident to the Transportation Supervisor who also reported the incident to the Transportation Director. The director immediately took the child to the school that they attend.

The school nurse and other staff attended to the childâ??s needs while the principal and transportation officials contacted the studentâ??s parent and explained what happened.

The parent came to the school to meet with the principal and Transportation officials and picked up her child.

The staff immediately began a thorough investigation, informed Human Resources of the incident and placed the bus driver and aide on leave pending an inquiry to the situation.

The district continues to investigate this incident.