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      Business owners stand together in Five Points

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- Violence is no stranger to the Five Points community, and surrounding business owners say they've had enough.

      Ryan Kay, owner of Pinch in Five Points, says he is taking a stand against the recent acts of violence.

      "Last night was more about people realizing that there are families in this community," said Kay. "It's not just bars and nightlife."

      Tuesday night, Kay sat in Five Points with a sign explaining why he was a proud member of the Five Points community.

      "There are a lot of people that's against us, because they think we're just bar owners. They think we are the problem."

      Several community leaders and elected officials have come together to discuss ways of decreasing crime in Five Points, but Kay says the police can only do so much.

      "If the community is organized and vigilante, there's a lot better chance that things are going to get spotted and we'll be able to keep others safe,â?? said Kay.

      The most recent act of violence in Five Points involves eighteen year old, Martha Childress, who was shot by a stray bullet in the back while waiting for a cab.