Businesses upset over Salvation Army's new home

Photo Credit: Sara Jane Harris

Davis and Dingle Dentistry has been in business on Farrow Road in Columbia for more than 13-years, but a new next-door neighbor has the business concerned."We love this area. Traditionally Farrow Road has been a business corridor and a place for medical practices and dental practices," said Isaiah Davis.

Doctor Davis said the Salvation Army's plan to move a command center next-door caught him and the community by surprise.

"There was no input from the community what so ever. Nobody talked to anybody in the community," said Davis.

Salvation Army Officials say they plan to operate a soup kitchen out of the facility, feeding up to 200 homeless people a day.

"While we are sure most of them are good people down on their luck, there is a percentage of them that are criminal and people worry about being assaulted," said Davis.

"Do I believe we are going to destroy businesses...absolutely not, said Major Richard Jones of the Salvation Army.

Jones said he knows all about the negative comments the new command center has received because he keeps a stack of them on his desk. The project has been carefully researched and will be safe, said Jones.Jones said he TMs willing to work with the city but still plans to open the soup kitchen within six months."I think this will be a perfect site, once we are in it and operating and I believe the community will find out that much and positive will come from the efforts that are put forth in this particular site," said Jones.

Columbia City Council said they are working on setting up a separate meeting early next week with Salvation Army to try and work on finding another site for the facility.WACH FOX News will updated this story as more information becomes available.