Camden kidnapping suspects in bond court

Richard Cook in bond court

The two suspects accused of being involved with a Camden kidnapping had their day in court Friday. Jamal Brooks and Richard Cook both appearing before a judge. Police say the case isn't closed yet, investigators are searching for more suspects.

Camden police explain to a judge the list of prior charges Richard Cook has faced in the past. Cooks latest arrest stems from a Wednesday kidnapping that Jamal Brooks is accused of helping him plan. An abduction that investigators say left an elderly woman traumatized.

"She hasn't been able to go back home. She's petrified. She's having a hard time dealing with this," says police.

It's not just her home that brings bad memories. A community bank is now a scary landmark for the victim. According to police Richard Cook used a gun to force the woman into his car and made her drive to a bank and withdraw money. When they left, officers say Cook went to the woman's home.

"He ransacked the home. He took a TV, some video games and other items," says Police.

Investigator say Cook then forced the woman to go to another bank and take out more money.

Camden police Chief Joseph Floyd says an un-named codefendant in the case came forward with information about the crime. He says that's how officers knew Jamal Brooks was involved in the planning and why they expect to make more arrests.

"The investigation is continuing. There's a possibility of other suspects having some involvement in this," says Floyd.

The judge denied bond Friday for both Cook and Brooks. Police say the two men are facing more charges in another jurisdiction. WACH FOX News will keep you updated.

If you have any information about who else is involved in Wednesday's kidnapping call CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-888-CRIME-SC.