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      Can sugar be addicting?

      From cookies to doughnuts to caffeine, many Americans enjoy the taste of sweet treats. but the fight to cut back can be difficult.

      Many doctors, like USC Dietician Kristen Tice, believe sugar consumption should be considered an addiction; like alcohol, drugs, and gambling.

      "A lot of people are exposed to sugar at such a young age, that thy grow up with it. That is their comfort and something they always go back to," said Tice, who believes people often do not realize how much sugar they take in.

      "Packages can be very decieving. A lot of the pacakges look like it is an individual serving, but there could be more. That seems to add up very quickly."

      Tice also said that substitutes like Splenda or Sweet and Low do more harm than good because they are sweeter, which causes a stronger craving for the real stuff. This all increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

      Aubrey Olson, an employee at the Rosewood Health Market, said while it is tough, stores like hers are here to help.

      "We have a lot of options, a lot of food items that you can eat that satisfy you and the sweet tooth. They are also healthy. Being around it all the time really helps me," said Olson.

      Dieticians say another key is moderation and portion control. These steps will help make those New Year's resolutions last a little longer.