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      Cancer survivor inspires others with story

      Simon Jacob was one of many men who attended the Real Men Get Real on Health event, hosted by Palmetto Health Baptist. However, his story would be very different from others.

      â??The more I talked to the health staff here, and the people who worked here, I see that itâ??s nothing to it. Iâ??m thankful for these people,â?? said Jacob, a cancer survivor.

      Jacob attended the event in hopes of inspiring other men to get a health screening.

      He says he didnâ??t have any symptoms of his prostate cancer, and thanks to Palmetto Health, he realized his condition and was able to go through a healing process.

      â??We are a very great staff hereâ??, said Tiffany Sullivan, Director of the Community Outreach program at Palmetto Health Baptist. â??We understand that you might be a little scared. Weâ??re trained. We really want to help you and ease you through the process.â??

      Palmetto Health Baptist provides free screenings almost every week.

      With a process called â??Take Five to Stay Aliveâ??, men of all ethnicities are encouraged to take advantage of this quick process to help prevent any diagnoses.