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      Carolina Brotherhood honors fallen comrades

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Cyclist from North and South Carolina peddled their way to the Midlands, as they stopped at Dreher High School for a break.

      Better known as the Carolina Brotherhood, the group is made up of firefighters, police, and EMS. They are riding 700 miles to honor fallen comrades, while supporting the families of those who have fallen.

      "The pain we suffer on our legs and the dehydration is nothing compared to the pain the families go through in losing somebody," said Pete Biviano, a Columbia Firefighter.

      Biviano says being a part of the brotherhood has helped him deal with the grief of losing one of his very own.

      "In 2010, we lost Chad,â?? said Biviano. â??He was a great kid."

      Emotionally connected through their lost, cracking a smile from time to time has also motivated these brothers along their ride.

      "We feed off of each other by joking around, so that we can get through it every day," adds Biviano.

      The Brotherhood has plans to start their morning off with a breakfast at the Columbia Fire Department Station 9. Their journey will be complete once they have reached Boone, South Carolina.