Carowinds shows how NC, SC differ on inspections

ROCK HILL, S.C. (AP) -- North Carolina inspectors responsible for checking rides at Carowinds kept records on every problem they discover during their annual inspections at the amusement park that straddles both Carolinas near Charlotte, N.C.

The Herald of Rock Hill reports that their counterparts in South Carolina simply marked the rides in their state as satisfactory, adding no details to their reports on what repairs, if any, were needed to certify the rides as safe.

North Carolina officials say those extra details allow state inspectors to easily compare information from different amusement parks.

South Carolina officials say they will require more information from amusement park inspections after a miniature train wreck in Spartanburg killed a child in March.

Carowinds says all its rides are safe and are inspected every day.

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